Our Mission

With the release of “Too Close to Reality” in 1999, Jan Marvel and friends formed Atta Girl Records. It would serve as a platform to support and promote Marvel’s wishes to encourage survivors of abuse by providing songs that they could relate to.

Performances followed from the east coast to west in L.A., with benefits for domestic violence, rape, child abuse and breast cancer.

In 2004 Atta Girl Records’ goals expanded supporting the survivors of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Marvel and friends volunteered to help with the release of the “Tsunami Relief Project: A Musical Compilation to Benefit Tsunami Survivors”.  Many artists supported this effort, including performances at special benefit concerts – such as Randy Armstrong, Randy Roos, Jan Marvel, Michelle Vaughn, Tom Dean and Amy Fairchild. Atta Girl Records was able to raise more than $10,000 donating to CARE.org for the cause.

When Hurricane Katrina occurred, the “Tsunami Relief Project” expanded to aid in support of this storm’s survivors affected, donating to that cause again working with CARE and also concerts in collaboration with MusiCares.

NH Magazine Photo by John Hession

In 2008 Atta Girl Records released another musical compilation of artists entitled, “Green Measures: Artists For the Environment”, with the goal of awareness and funding for green initiatives (even the album package is made with certified green components). Some artists from the Tsunami Relief Project again teamed up with several new artists for this cause.

October 2010 marked the announcement of a proposed high power electric transmission line, “Northern Pass Transmission”, that would cause devastation in New Hampshire and Québec. The Atta Girl Records team quickly became involved by forming a subdivision, Indian Stream Productions, creating the documentary “Northern Trespass“.  This film follows the grassroots effort to stop the project, which proved to be a successful exposé.