Jennifer Kimball "Lightning Bugs", taken from Oh Hear Us © 2006 Epoisse Records

Written by Jennifer Kimball, © 2006 Laszlo Art Songs/ASCAP
Jennifer Kimball: Vocals, Baritone Ukulele
Duke Levine: Electric Guitar, Mandoguitar
Paul Bryan: Bass / Shawn Pelton: Drums
Engineered by Tom Schick at Globe Studios, NYC / Ass. Engineer Miles Levit
Produced by Duke Levine, Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works, Cambridge, MA
Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie at Camp Street Studio, Cambridge, MA    Listen: MP3

    Jonathan Edwards "Following My Heart", taken from One Day Closer 1994 Rising Records
Written by Jonathan Edwards, 1994 Joinatune Earthwords/ASCAP
Jonathan Edwards: Vocals, Electric Guitar, 12-string Acoustic
Guitar Gary Burke: Drums
L.P. Donnelly: Bass & Acoustic Guitars
Engineered by L.P. Donnelly & Paul Antnell at Clubhouse, NY
Produced by L.P. Donnelly & Jonathan Edwards, Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk
Mixed by Jim McCurdy at Skyline Studios, NYC    Listen: MP3
    Cheryl Wheeler "Little Road", taken from Defying Gravity 2005 Rounder Records  
Written by Cheryl Wheeler, 2005 Penrod and Higgins/ASCAP
Cheryl Wheeler: Acoustic Guitar and Vocal
Duke Levine: National Steel Guitar and Lap Slide
Jay Bellerose: Drums
Paul Bryan: Bass / Ben Wisch: Harmony Vocal
Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Ben Wisch at Bailey Building & Loan
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO    Listen: MP3
    Jason Spooner "Spaceship", taken from The Flame That You Follow 2007 Spooner Records  
Written by Jason Spooner, 2007 Jason Spooner/Spooner Records
Jason Spooner: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Hammond Organ, Harmonica
Andy Rice: Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Reed Chambers: Drums & Percussion
Tom Whitehead: Accordian
Engineered & Mixed by Jon Wyman, Produced by Jason Spooner
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering    Listen: MP3
    Jan Marvel "Denatured World", previously unreleased 2008 Atta Girl Records  
Written by Jan Marvel, 2008 Go To Girl Publishing/ASCAP
Jan Marvel: Vocals and Instrumentation
Michelle Vaughn: Bass
Engineered by Michelle Vaughn at Snowshoe Tracks, Thornton, NH
Mixed by Michelle Vaughn and Randy Armstrong
Produced by Jan Marvel
Mastered by Jamie Locke    Listen: MP3
    Justin Bennett "I See", taken from Wanting More 2008 Arkham Records  
Written by Justin Bennett, 2008 Arkham Records/ASCAP
Justin Bennett: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Breanna Paletta: Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Steve Dexheimer: Bass /Sam Wells: Electric Guitar / Ian Knowland: Keyboards
Cory Knowland: Electric Guitar & Bass / Jared Knowland: Electric Guitar, Drums & Percussion
Engineered by Jared Knowland at Alpha Studios, Salem, OR
Produced by Jared Knowland, Breanna Paletta, Justin Bennett
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham at Nettleingham Audio, Vancouver, WA    Listen: MP3
  Do'a - Randy Armstrong / Ken LaRoche "Dance of the Children"
taken from Ornament of Hope 2007 UMP Records

Written by R. Armstrong/ K. LaRoche, 1978, 2007 Crimson Ark Music/BMI
Randy Armstrong: Acoustic Guitar
Ken LaRoche: Soprano Recorder, Concert Flute
John Hunter: Acoustic Bass / Bill Kinzie: Drums
Engineered by Charles Eller at Earth Audio Techniques
Produced by Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche
Mastered by Matthew Azevedo at M-Works, Cambridge, MA    Listen: MP3
    Tom Rush "Sailing (Sarah's Song)", previously unreleased  
Written by Tom Rush, Maple Hill Productions, Inc./BMI, admin. by Bug Music
Tom Rush: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Engineered by Barrie Maguire and Walter Bass at Ruff House Studios, Bryn Mawr, PA
Produced by Ian Cross    Listen: MP3
    Bow Junction "Banish Misfortune/The Blarney Pilgrim"
taken from Bow Junction Bluegrass 2007 Bow Junction
Traditional; Arr. by Bow Junction
Russ Aubertin: Guitar / Kathy Barnes: Fiddle and Recorder
Linda Magoon: Mandolin / Randy Hencke: Bass / Peter Odom: Banjo
Engineered by Chris Westerman at Blackwater Sound and Mastering, Webster, NH
Mastered by Gerry Putnam at Cedar House Sound, New London, NH    Listen: MP3
    Dan Merrill "I'll Get There", taken from Revolution 1996 ZMG/Kenneport Records  
Written by Dan Merrill, 1995 LCB Music/ASCAP
Dan Merrill: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion
Michael Corbett: Keyboards, Percussion, Drums, Programming
Don Kerce: Bass / Al Boomer: Drums
Brian Johnson & Barney Martin: Backing Vocals
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Michael Corbett at The House of David, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Disc Mastering, Nashville, TN & Independent Audio, Portland, ME    Listen: MP3
    PossumHaw "Come Up and Find Me", taken from Madtom 2007 PossumHaw  
Written by Colby Crehan, 2007 Colby Crehan
Colby Crehan: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Ryan Crehan: Banjo, Harmony Vocals, Harmonica
Charley Eiseman: Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Matt Kolan: Mandolin, Harmony Vocals
Engineered & Mastered by Gary Henry and Colby Dix
at Northern Track Recording Studio, Wilmington, VT    Listen: MP3
    Eliza Gilkyson "Beautiful World", taken from Beautiful World 2008 Red House Records
Written by Eliza Gilkyson, 2008 GilkySongs/BMI
Eliza Gilkyson: Vocals, Rhodes Piano, Grand Piano
Robert McEntee: Electric Guitar
Julie Wolf: Keyboards
Cordelia Castillo: Background Vocal
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Hallman at Congress House Studios, Austin, TX
Additional Engineering by Ned Stewart    Listen: MP3
    Unu Mondo "Nineteen 92", taken from Hand in Hand UMP Records  
Written by Randy Armstrong, 1994 Crimson Ark Music/BMI
Randy Armstrong: Acoustic-synthesizer Guitars, Mbira, Balofon, Djembe, Caxixi, Nigerian donno drum (talking drum), Cameroonian shakers, Gankogui bell
Volker Nahrmann: Bass, Slit Drum, Ghanain Grillos, Shaker
Henrique Almeida: Drums, Shaker / Charlie Jennison: Soprano Saxophone, Keyboards
Narges Nouhnejad Fani: Vocals / Produced and Arranged by Randy Armstrong and Volker Nahrmann
Engineered & Mixed by Mark Wessel & Tina Hanson at Blue Jay Recording Studio, Carlisle, MA    Listen: MP3
    Susie Burke & David Surette "Medina County", taken from Sometimes in the Evening 2000 Medrina Music  
Written by Susie Burke, 2000 Madrina Music/BMI
Susie Burke: Vocal, Guitar
David Surette: Mandolin
Kent Allyn: Bass, Vocal / Pete Sutherland: Fiddle
Produced by Susie Burke and David Surette / Mixed by Susie Burke
Engineered & Mixed by Rick Watson at Fishtraks, Portsmouth, NH
Mastered by Gerry Putnam at Cedar House Sound, New London, NH    Listen: MP3