CD Baby Review "From the east to west coast, these artists have gathered their spirits, hearts, inspiration and music in a collaborative effort to raise money for the tsunami survivors. Seventeen shining tracks of pop, folk, world and rock weave in and out for a complete, integrated package of quality music. Atta Girl Records has pledged to send 100% of the profits to this long-term rehabilitation effort. Do your part in a simple way, lend a helping hand and contribute to the music you love."

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Spotlight CD Review by Jamie Perkins

It's easy for us here in the fattest country of all to take for granted the fact that we are simply alive. The constructs of society, by design, choice, or otherwise, keep us fairly diverted from such deep thought, and distractions running deep as rivers carry us swiftly to other frames of mind. Wash your car. Feed your dog. Get to work. There's a distinct lack of time for existential pondering in modern life, and occasionally we forget that the very fact of our existence is a miracle.

Now imagine that existence, the one that keeps you regulated and normalized, being violently washed away one random afternoon. Your neighbors, your house, your dog, your spouse ... all of it gone in the flash of one monstrous natural disaster. The fact that you remain would be a very prevalent and humbling thought, even when faced with the task of rebuilding your crippled life with nothing but memories and the kindness of strangers half a world away.

Not an easy or desirable situation to be sure, but at least the kind strangers over at Atta Girl Records are doing their part in the reformation. This small independent label based in Thornton, NH, has released the Tsunami Relief Project CD, a 17-track compilation of national and local artists representing a surprising variety of genres. Folk songs linger beside contemporary jazz, Americana dances with world fusion and eclectic Latin pop, the mash of styles mirroring the worldliness of the cause the artists have rallied behind. Highlights include the whimsical pondering of Aztec Two-Step ("Everybody Knows"), the potent harmonies of the Boston-based singer/songwriter Amy Fairchild ("Ok, Alright"), local luminary Joyce Andersen's pretty abandon ("I Just Wanna Dance") and Randy
sophisticated instrumental noodling ("Seven To Twelve"). Each artist on the Tsunami Relief Project contributes a different hue, and the final result is a very colorful swirl of an album.

The best part of the Tsunami Relief Project CD is that all proceeds from the sale of the disc will be donated, in conjunction with the CARE Agency, to tsunami survivors. A good album for a good cause, and all you were going to do with that $20 in your pocket was go to Applebee's anyway. After all, music is a great way to celebrate the life you haven't lost yet.

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