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  1. Jan Marvel "Morning Comes"
  2. Amy Fairchild "Ok, Alright"
  3. Tom Dean "On the Road"
  4. Tracy Grammer "The Verdant Mile"
  5. Aztec Two Step "Everybody Knows"
  6. Swan Dive "Good to be Free"
  7. Nathan McEven "Beautiful Night"
  8. Rebecca Martin "I'm the one"
  9. Randy Armstrong "Seven to Twelve"
  10. Neon Venus "Beso a Beso"
  11. Randy Roos "The Muse"
  12. Beth Amsel "Howit Comes to This"
  13. Crosby Loggins "Nobody No More"
  14. Sue Greenwood "Believe it"
  15. Joyce Andersen "I Just Wanna Dance"
  16. Kenny Edwards "No Tears"
  17. Randy Armstrong "Peace (the Awakening)"
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