The Music of Jan Marvel

Survivorship - Honesty - Validation

Jan Marvel's lyrics find their mark in the hearts of her listeners. Her powerfully sung words and moving music stir deep emotions. This album is a tribute to those who had no voice. It is empathic adult contemporary music with depth of feeling and glimmers of hope.

It all started with "Altar Boys", which Jan felt compelled to write after shows such as Primetime Live and Justice Files broke the story of abuse within the priesthood. These disturbing events happened in the southern Massachusetts community where Jan is originally from.

"Seeing those men courageously coming forward on national television, after their lives were shattered, deeply moved me to write this song. It is my darkest song, how could it be written otherwise?"

Jan proceeded to write about friends who had been likewise devastated by childhood abuse. "Kaleidoscope" was written about a very dear friend with MPD/DID.

"Freight Train" was written for everyone who has experienced fear at the hands of another. The other songs portray feelings of hurt, anger, and finally healing and regaining strength in songs such as "Love Again" and "To Get Away".

"Jan's lyrics are as good as they get, on the level of Joni Mitchell" - Dan Serafini gold record writer/producer